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Q9. How to do file sharing

A:Guide on file sharing – Server Configuration

1) Select a folder to be share
2) Right click on the file, select Sharing and Security


3) Select – share this folder
4) Define and share name
a. Try to define the share name with alphabets only without space
b. Add a dollar sign if you need to hide the folder. For example, PriceList$.

5) Set the permission for the particular folder by press Permission.
6) Remove EVERYONE if you only allow certain user to access. Click on Everyone à remove.
7) Click on Add àtype in the username à click Check Names à Click OK.

8)      Select the permission that you wish to assign for the particular user à click OK à OK

Guide on file sharing – Client Configuration
1)      Right click My Computer à Map Network Drive

2)      Select whichever drive name you prefer or represent the folder that you wish to map. For example: PriceList, select P: as your drive.
3)      Under folder, follow the format as below. \\your server name\foldername

4)      Click finish.

5)      End.