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Q3. SMC7904WBRA2 ~ How to configure PPPoE connection


To configure PPPoE

1) Log into admin page at Internet Explorer. Address:

2) Key in login password, default: smcadmin.

3) On the left hand side menu, click WAN à ATM PVC à VC1


4)       Follow the info below.

a) Protocol                    : PPPoE

b) VPI/VCI                     : 0/100 (Singapore); 0/35 (Malaysia)

c) Encapsulation            : LLC

d) Connect Type            : Always Connected

e) Idle Time                   : 60

f) Username                  : user@isp (eg: user@singnet; user@streamyx)

g) Password                  : password given by ISP

5)       Save Setting

6)       On the left hand side menu, click status à click Connect

7)       If show you error message at below, click STATUS again

8)       Logout (on the top right hand side).