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SMC Networks Launches New Training Portal for Partners in EMEA

e-Learning Tool Offers Convenient  Method to Obtain SMC and Edge-Core Certification

Barcelona, Spain – 7 September 2011. SMC Networks (, a leading provider of LAN hardware and broadband connectivity devices, announced today the launching of its new e-learning platform targeting partners that wish to expand their knowledge of networking and receive the technical skills required for all company products found in the SMC and Edge-Core Network’s portfolio.


The overall aim of the new online training portal is to improve partner support for the channel and enable partners to obtain official certification on company products. The tool has been conceived to mainly offer training and technical skill enhancement in two different but complementary areas, Pre-Sales Training and Sales Training.


Pre-Sales Training will allow technical engineers to achieve an in-depth knowledge of SMC Networks and Edge-Core products both for network environments for SME’s as well as for large businesses. Students will receive the training divided into four modules: corporate information about the company, solutions for small business environments, large-business solutions, and the development of advanced solutions based on the Edge-Core product range.


Sales Training will provide the sales team with more general knowledge about company products, highlighting the specifications that could be relevant in sales relationships. The training material for this area has been divided into two modules: one dedicated to network environments for small businesses and the other aimed at solutions for high-demand environments and large businesses.


In both areas as each module is finished, users will need to answer a small questionnaire in order to evaluate their knowledge. At the end of the training in each area, users must pass an exam in order to obtain their Pre-Sales or Sales Certification. During the entire process a consultation service is available for users to resolve any questions or issues that may arise. For example, partners in Spain using the e-Learning tool can connect through a telephone hotline by calling 913520040.


The mechanics of the portal are very straightforward. Users can sign-up quickly by accessing The courses, which are based on self-training and comprised of several modules, allow maximum flexibility as partners can determine individual learning priorities and time availability. Each module is also autonomous so that network experts, for example, could skip over the basic modules and focus on the more advanced areas to improve their knowledge and skills.


In addition, courses are customized depending on the group to which they are targeted: Distributors, Partners in the Connect Program, Certified Partners, Standard Partners, and SMC Networks/Edge-Core personnel. Thus, through the e. LEARNING CODES, each group will access a training program that is tailor-made to suit their needs.


Eduardo García Sancho, SMC Networks’ General Director for Southern Europe, comments: “With this new continuous training tool, we wish to strengthen the professional development of Distributors and Partners concerning network matters and bolster our channel support outreach. The design, based on self-training, will provide all the necessary resources so that Partners can obtain those certifications in which they are interested in an easy, flexible, and practical way”.


For more information about SMC and Edge-Core Networks, please visit and