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SMC Networks’ Unmanaged Gigabit Desktop Switches Consume Up to 75%* Less Power Than Non-Green Counterparts

New 5- and 8-Port EZ Switch Models Dazzle with Performance and Cost Savings

Hsinchu, Taiwan – 7 June 2011. Edge-Core Networks Corporation (, a professional networking solution provider offering a complete range of enterprise-level and service provider/carrier Ethernet networking equipment and services to customers and partners around the world, today announced the launch of the newest members of SMC Networks’ EZ Switch™ 10/100/1000 family, the SMCGS501 and SMCGS801. Each switch supports IEEE 802.3az, the Energy Efficient Ethernet standard created to reduce power consumption by 50% or more compared to non-802.3az switches while retaining full compatibility with existing networking equipment.


Relying on SMC’s proprietary Green Saving technology and adhering to IEEE’s Energy Efficient Ethernet standard, the SMCGS501 and the SMCGS801 allow less power consumption during periods of low activity by automatically detecting link status and cutting off power at a given port during periods when the port is unconnected or the PC is turned off. In addition, both switches actively detect the presence of short cables and then determine the appropriate power level based on cable length. In each case, the SMC switches help save on costs as well as reducing carbon emissions, without any impact on performance or stability.


 “SMC’s comprehensive Green-friendly policies offer small and medium-sized businesses practical, real-world methods to reduce costs and cut carbon emissions,“ stated Daniel Konnoff, Edge-Core Networks’ Technical Marketing Manager. “For example, by simply asking users to turn off their PCs when not in use and by reducing unnecessary cabling in the office, businesses can significantly lower their IT costs. It might not sound like much but these are concrete steps individuals and businesses can take to improve the environment--and save money along the way.”


Both the SMCGS501 and the SMCGS801 support IEEE 802.1p priority queuing Quality of Service, allowing the switches to automatically map eight priority levels to one of four internal hardware queues: High, Normal, Low, and Lowest. This means the switches prioritize different types of data depending on their bandwidth requirements and level of priority, which is ideal for users of video conferencing and VoIP-based applications like Skype that involve the streaming of voice and video packets across a network. In such a scenario, the two switches will prioritize voice and video applications and place less time-sensitive applications such as displaying content from the Internet in a lower priority queue.



  • Support IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet

The switches consume significantly less power than their non-Green counterparts, without sacrificing network performance. The result is lower electricity bills for your home or office and a healthier environment for everyone.

  • Broadcast Storm Control and CRC Filtering

Broadcast storm control prevents broadcast traffic storms from consuming bandwidth, while CRC filtering stops bad packets from propagating throughout the network.

  • Support IEEE 802.1p Quality of Service

The switches support 802.1p Quality of Service. This is useful in implementations where time-sensitive data such as voice and video are streamed across the network.

  • Auto MDI/MDI-X on Each Port

Auto-MDIX on all ports makes cross-over cables a memory for these plug and play-ready members of the SMC EZ Switch™ family.

  • Support for Jumbo Packets

Support for Jumbo packets up to 9K Bytes in size.

  • Metal Chassis

The compact, rack-mountable metal chassis is ideal for desktop or rack mounting applications.

For further details about the SMCFS1601 and the SMCFS2401, please visit your local Edge-Core Networks/SMC Networks’ reseller or integrator.


*According to an IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet measurement test conducted by an independent testing company, the SMCGS501 saves 68.69% and the SMCGS801 75.99% when each is compared to a non-Green Ethernet switch.