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Push to Smart! Transformed Unmanaged Switch into Smart Switch

Hsinchu, Taiwan – 3 September 2013 . Edge-Core Networks Corporation (, a professional networking solution provider offering a complete range of enterprise-level and service provider/carrier Ethernet networking equipment and services to customers and partners around the world. Today announced unmanaged switches SMCGS1610/SMCGS2410, 16/24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch with 16/24 10/100/1000 Mbps auto-negotiating RJ-45 ports. The first available unmanaged switches that can be transformed into smart switches with the use of a single button. DHCP prevention combined with loopback detection and prevention, improves the network environment and reduces network maintenance costs, and also saves the troubleshooting effort from engineers.

    SMCGS1610/SMCGS2410 support IGMP snooping v1/v2 to make the video streaming smoother, and with DHCP Prevention protection which avoiding any illegal DHCP server damage the network. And when a loop occurs, SMCGS1610/SMCGS2410 will block the loop automatically to protect the switch and then indicate the port that cause the loop issue with the port LED. These switches pro These switches also provide Gigabit Ethernet connectivity from the network backbone all the way to the edge and to individual desktops. With up to 10 times the speed of 100 Mbps networks, these switches reduce transfer times of large data files and boost bandwidth-intensive applications, thereby significantly enhancing overall network performance. Jumbo frame support enables more efficient data transfers with data packets up to 9K Bytes in size.


SMCGS1610/SMCGS2410 are easy to install and an ideal solution for network migration with 10/100/1000 Mbps Auto MDI/MDIX ports, all ports can be either connected to a workstation or another switch, without any crossover cables. Fanless design provide a silent operating environment, and with Auto-MDIX on all ports makes this Gigabit desktop switch ideal for home and small network enviorment.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Smart Button

The first available unmanaged switches that can be transformed into smart switches with the use of a single button.

  • IGMP Snooping v1/v2

Support IGMP snooping v1/v2 to make video streaming more smooth.

  • DHCP Prevention

DHCP Prevention protects the company’s valid DHCP server, avoiding illegal DHCP server damage the network.

  • Loopback Detection/Prevention

When a loop occurs, the SMCGS2410 blocks the loop port automatically, protecting the
switch and indicating the port that has the loop issue with the port LED.

  • DOS Attack Protection

Detects some DOS attacks and provides protection.

  • IEEE 802.3az Support

The SMCGS2410 supports the 802.3az Energy-Efficient Ethernet feature to save power

  • 802.1p QoS

When the switch receives a frame tagged with an 802.1p priority, it places it into the appropriate priority output queue. Priority queuing is needed in implementations where time-sensitive data, such as voice and video, are streamed across the network.

  • Fanless Design

Fanless design, providing a silent operating environment.