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New Generation Unmanaged SMC Switches Help Customers Reduce Energy Costs and Cut Carbon Emissions
5-, 8-, and 26-Port EZ SwitchTM Models Combine Ease of Installation and Top Performance with Green Design

Barcelona, Spain – 17 April 2012.
SMC Networks (, a leading provider of LAN

hardware and broadband connectivity devices, today announces the launch of the latest members

to the EZ Switch™ 10/100 family, the SMCFS501, SMCFS801, and SMCFS2601. With no

configuration required, each Fast Ethernet switch is simple to set up--and network migration is

seamless as the switches are equipped with 10/100 Mbps auto MDI/MDIX ports.

Relying on SMC’s proprietary Green Saving technology, the switches allow less power consumption

during periods of low activity by detecting both link status and cable distance, thus saving on costs

as well as reducing carbon emissions. The switches are able to auto-detect link status and

automatically cut off power at a given port during periods when unconnected or a PC is turned off,

without any affect on performance or stability. In addition, each switch actively detects the

presence of short cables and then determines the appropriate power level based on cable length.

Jo Chang, European Product Manager, states: “SMC’s Green Saving technology offers small and

medium-sized businesses practical, real-world methods to reduce costs and cut carbon emissions.

For example, by simply asking users to turn off their PCs when not in use and by reducing

unnecessary cabling in the office, businesses can significantly lower their IT costs. This is also a

forceful step towards burnishing green credentials in an increasingly environmentally-conscious


The SMCFS501, SMCFS801, and SMCFS2601 join SMC’s existing lines of high performance

unmanaged Fast Ethernet and unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switches. Please see your local SMC

reseller for further information.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Green Saving Technology

These eco-friendly switches consume significantly less power than their non-Green counterparts

without sacrificing network performance. The result is lower electricity bills for your home or office

and a healthier environment for everyone.

  • Auto MDI/MDI-X on Each Port

Auto-MDIX on all ports makes cross-over cables a memory for these plug and play-ready members

of the SMC EZ Switch™ family.

  •  Fan-less Design

Innovative engineering eliminates the need for fans, thus ensuring silent operation in the home or


  •   IEEE 802.1p QoS Priority Queuing

When the switches receive a frame tagged with an 802.1p priority tag, they will place it into a

priority queue. This is useful in implementations where time-sensitive data such as voice and video

are streamed across the network (SMCFS2601 only).

  •  Gigabit Uplink Ports

The SMCFS2601 includes two Gigabit uplink RJ-45 ports suitable for connection to a network

backbone or network attached storage (NAS) device (SMCFS2601 only).

  •  Metal Chassis

The compact, rack-mountable metal chassis is ideal for desktop or rack mounting applications

(SMCFS2601 only).

Pricing and availability

The SMCFS501, SMCFS801, and SMCFS2601 are available now from authorized SMC Networks’

resellers and integrators at a suggested retail price of 8.99 EUR, 11.99 EUR, and 84.99 EUR,

respectively, excluding VAT.

For more information, visit

For further details, please contact:

Christopher T. Snow

Senior Marketing Manager for Europe and Africa


About SMC Networks

SMC Networks, a leading provider of LAN/connectivity devices and home security solutions, is a

brand division of Edge-Core Networks focused on the SMB, SOHO, and MSO market segments. Last

year SMC Networks celebrated its 40th anniversary as a pioneer in the networking industry.