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China Xinjiang Expressway Wireless Monitoring

Client Demand

On the high speed way from the Yantakkuduk checkpoint and the Dayudus toll station, it is required to install monitoring equipment with the surveilliance over automobiles passing this section in order to reduce traffic accidents caused by traffic offence.



1. Users establish iron towers on some places by the expressway with optical fibers wired. The collected visual surveillance information is sent back to the control center. As users forecast, every tower is equipped with 4 cameras via wireless bridging. The interval distance among 4 cameras ranges from 15 to 4 kilometers.

2. To ensure the stability of network linkage, SMC outdoor wireless AP/Bridge is adopted, the linkage to every camera is operated with point-to-point bridging. As illustrated above, every tower is equipped with 4 wireless APs/Bridges  and the location of every camera is also equipped with one SMC device. SMC outdoor wireless AP/Bridge between towers and cameras is operated via point-to-point bridging. The distance from cameras to towers within 10km can be bridged via SMC2888W-S. If the distance exceeds 10km, it is equipped with SMC2888W-M plus high gain 5.8GHz antenna to ensure of the frequency bands and stability for bridge linkage.




Product used


 - SMC2890W-AG/SMC2891W-AG (SMC2888W-M/S):

1-port 10/100Mbps LAN (PoE), 1-port console, 2 removable antennas (2.5dBi)

SMC outdoor remote network bridge dedicated to link two or more independent LANs. Whenever the network linkage on two or more LANs is required but impeded by inconvenience.