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Corporate Wireless Network Solutions for the Science Park Logistics Company

Client Demand

    1. Because the company is advantaged with considerably large logistical capacity and its inventory checking network expands all over building floors, in consideration of some factors like complex wiring layout and power supply, the solution with wireless network and PoE power supply is therefore proposed.


        2. Accompanying with wireless handheld devices, the real-time operation of incoming and outgoing inventory is imperative. Therefore, the wireless network solution with high reliability and stability is definitely required.



In seamless coordination with the POS inventory system of customer, the consideration for real-time data transmission and synchronous update, together with the difficulty of floor wiring layout, SMC proposes enterprise-class wireless AP SMC2555W-G2 additionally vested with wireless remote power supply device SMCPWR-INJ3. Power supply is transmitted via network and its whole building is framed with wireless network




Product used


SMC2552W-G2 EliteConnect 2.4GHz Enterprise Wireless Access Point




SMCPWR-INJ3 EliteConnect Power over Ethernet Injector

- IEEE802.3af compliant PoE

-1-port injector combines power and data signals