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SMC TigerSwitch and Chassis Switch were deployed in Green Island Culture Park


The Green Island is located on the East Pacific Ocean at a distance of 33 km from Taitung,Taiwan. The Green Islet Culture Park is an organization subordinate to the National Taitung Living ArtCenter sparing no effort for the promotion of living art movement. The center is also centered with human right, culture, ecology, environmental protection and tourism for development strategies. The cultural asset conservation zones are planned for the continuous effort in collecting historical relics and documents about the Green Island. Because of ample historical relics about human culture and human right, together with beautiful island views and natural ecological systems, the Green Island has become an important touring spot recently.


Client Demand

     1. With the advent of highly informationalized era, the demands of network bandwidth also increase with the growing transmission frequencies of video and audio files. Due to the Green Island's unique features as an oceanic islet, information transmission and receiving on this island naturally shows higher dependency on network facilities. Consequently, resolutions satisfying the demands of high bandwidth and stability are substantially required.


     2. To satisfy the demands for tourism activities, in future, an entire wireless park zone will be established. Therefore, the consideration about upcoming growth and demands must be taken into the construction project.



Considering the security and performance requirement, SMC Layer 2 Fast Ethernet standalone switch, SMC8126L2, is chosen as the L2 switching unit because it is ideal for desktop Fast Ethernet connectivity and wiring closet installations. This switch is packed with features and is a cost-effective solution that brings continuous availability, enhanced security and advanced QoS to the network edge, while maintaining simplicity of management. And for the core layer, the 10 Slots Layer 3 Chassis Switch, ES4710BD, is selected because of it high performance and scalability as well as its simple management.




Product used

ES4710BD EdgeCore Chassis Layer 2/3/4

   10 open slots; up to32-port 10G

   up to 384-port 10/100/1000Mbps

   1 AC power supply and 2 spare power supply slots


SMC8126L2 TigerSwitch 10/100/1000 Layer 2

   26-port 10/100/1000Mbps(SFP) including 4-port Gigabit combo