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Keelung City Educational Network Center

Client Demand  

For the schools in the Keelung Districts, a standardized network system is the key for handling all the educational network demands in the grassroots level.  Another important factor is the equipment must be cost efficient, so much that every penny spent must be bargain because the IT infrastructure in the grassroots level is often deficient. Therefore, a high C/P ratio network product is needed to be use as the switch for both IT and computer classrooms.


Replace the previous generation switch in the computer rooms of all grassroots level institutes with SMC8024L2 and SMC6128L2. With absolutely no modification to the existing network, the simplest solution to increase bandwidth and speed is to replacing the network switch. SMC8024L2 can support up to non-blocking 48 Gbps, and more than 8000 MAC address. It also supports Jumbo Frame with size up to 9216 byte


Product used


24Port 10/100/1000BaseTx network switch + 4Port Gigabit Combo



24Port 10/100BaseTx network switch + 4Port Gigabit Combo



Base on the demand for stability and the budget of the grassroots level educational institutes, the solution provides two SMC equipments with very high C/P ratio and easy direct selection option for CTOC. The installation and performance have been very successful. These equipments are especially suitable for such kind of large scale network construction and can simultaneously allow multiple users to use the internet in a computer classroom.