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Taipei City Police Dept Network System
Client Demand  

For the Taipei City Police Department, a standardized stable network infrastructure is necessary for the heave work load around the clock, 365 days a year. The IT product chosen must be within the limited budget, and can be a 7X24 reliable police network infrastructure. The key demand for the client is to find a network product with the highest stability, and serves as the switch interconnecting all the Districts and Station in the Taipei City area.


Replace the previous switch with SMC6726AL2 in all police units in the grassroots level. With absolutely no modification to the current network structure, by simply replacing the switch, the capacity and stability of the entire police network is increased. Also, the previous investments on the network would not go to waste.  SMC6726AL2 switch installed in the back end has two internally build Gigabit ports which supports high speed fiber optical connection. This will meet the future trend for exploding demands of data transmission. 
SMC6726AL2 supports ACL and PortSecurity Function, it not only can manage and control the security with IP Block, but also can complete deny access to unauthorized network device. Since the police network contains highly sensitive private data of the citizens and criminal records, the SMC6726AL2 switch with high security features is selected to protect the security of the police network.



Product used


24-port 10/100 BaseTX network switch +2 Port Gigabit Combo)


24-port 10/100 BaseTX network switch +4 Port Gigabit Combo)